The Usefulness of Personalised Sales Videos

The Usefulness of Personalised Sales Videos
While email communication has been around for decades now, the competition for attention has never been so fierce. Businesses struggle to stand out due to the overwhelming number of emails received by individuals. Most emails are quickly glanced at and then deleted or forgotten. In contrast, video emails provide a more engaging experience and better results overall.

Stand out in a sea of text

It's official: we are all drowning in emails. The volume of emails people receive every day has reached an all-time high. On a daily basis, decision makers are confronted with tens of solicitations to improve efficiency, develop their teams, make their life easier, and provide all kinds of services that are all more essential than the last. Still, people go through their emails, however, their attention span has decreased to no more than a few seconds.

In this sea of written emails, how can you make your product stand out? Well, sales experts are hopping on the relatively new trend of Video-based emails.

Video emails capture recipients' interest where text alone falls short. They transform impersonal messages into an authentic, impactful dialogue. Recipients stay engaged for longer, comprehend more, and act more frequently. Indeed, people are 13% more likely to remember details from video emails over text emails [1]. Moreover, response rates have increased for 73% of account managers and 79% of customer success pros who are leveraging custom recorded video in those initial relationship-establishing conversations [1].

The performance of personalized sales video

Video email prospection and marketing has been proven to significantly boost engagement and conversions.

A study on over 134 million emails have shown that sending a video in an email campaign can result in an uplift of 26% in the reply rate compared to classic text emails [2]. Over one-third of sales pros who use custom-recorded video report that it has shortened their deal cycle, and nearly half report that it has increased close rates [1].

76% of sales professionals believe that accessing video viewing data to help qualify leads, engage prospects, and influence deals are important, compared to 67% of marketers [1]. Video analytics provide key insights into customer interests, buying signals, and engagement metrics that can be leveraged to personalize messaging and optimize the customer journey.

In addition to a measurable uplift in engagement, sending a video will help build trust and establish authority while also creating a more personal connection with viewers [3].

By incorporating video, sales and marketing teams can strengthen lead nurturing programs, improve brand awareness, and boost conversions at every stage of the funnel. With compelling video content, you'll capture attention, and move the needle on key metrics that matter most to your business.

The limit of videos

While sales video provides clear benefits, creating and producing videos does require a major time commitment. Coming up with video ideas, scripting, recording and editing can be tedious and labor-intensive processes.

Constant video creation may not be feasible or practical when we have limited resources and never enough time on our hands. After all, we are not all professional actors and producers. Especially when first implementing it, dedicating that much time to recording sales videos proves challenging when results are yet to be known for your company. Moreover, it can be frustrating to spend time recording a video that ends up not being watched.

Ubique: The solution to generate a thousand of personalized videos

Ubique is an AI-powered video generation tool that can automatically create your personalized videos at scale. By recording yourself one unique time, you are able to generate thousands of personalized videos with your own voice. Businesses can now generate thousands of targeted videos for their email campaigns with minimal effort.


While sending sales video is more effective than text alone, creating videos manually can be too time-consuming and resource-intensive for many businesses. Using an AI video generation tool such as Ubique provides an easy solution to this problem by enabling automated personalized video creation at scale. Video prospecting helps businesses cut through the noise, build trust, and boost engagement: Ubique makes this possible without the high costs in time and efforts.