Balancing Automation and Personalization in Sales for Mid-Sized Clients

Balancing Automation and Personalization in Sales for Mid-Sized Clients

Growth at all cost VS MRR sales

 In 2022 we have witnessed a major change in the paradigm of sales in many of tech start-ups. Indeed, with the tech winter that has shaken the market, those companies have shifted from a "growth at all cost" mentality to a focus on higher Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR) leads and prospects (TechCrunch). This shift has led to an increased emphasis on automation and optimization in sales, particularly for mid-sized clients. 

Automation while keeping good service

But what does it feel like from the point of view of your mid-sized client or prospects ? What felt like a state-of-the-art service, human service might turn into a cold, lifeless self onboarding. Worst, your mid-sized clients may feel like they are no longer a priority, leading to a loss of interest in the company's products or services. In a market where competition is fierce, this means lower conversion and churn.

Which brings me to the main question: What is the right amount of automation? Or in other words, how can sales teams make mid-market prospects and clients feel valued while also optimizing their own time?

  • Always make sure your automation supports and enhances the work of your sales team rather than replace it

  • Have sufficient and relevant data about your clients to group them efficiently (sometimes it is not as straight forward as it seems)

  • Once you have those groups, find the common denominator that links them all and address it clearly

  • Use AI tools to support your automations while keeping as much of a human touch as possible by sending sector specific emails and personalized videos

SMBs are more sensitive to great service

It's also important to remember that mid-sized clients can be just as valuable as key accounts. While key accounts may generate a larger portion of revenue, mid-sized clients can often make up a significant percentage of a company's annual revenue. By focusing too heavily on key accounts and neglecting mid-sized clients, companies risk losing out on valuable business.

On the other hand, “mid-sized clients” who receives less effort and are more often than not pushed into a self served tend to be way more grateful and reactive to a good human touchpoint than a Key Account who will be used to this kind of service.

Find the right balance between automation and human touch to make every minute worth it’s dime as a sales.