Video Scripts Library in [2024] VSL

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Looking to enhance your sales outreach with impactful video content? We're excited to introduce the Ubique Video Script Library—a comprehensive resource designed to assist you in creating compelling sales videos that resonate with your audience and drive meaningful engagement.Our lib... Read More

How to create an impactful Video Sales Script ?

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oubound video sales script
Crafting an effective script is the foundation of a successful sales video. To connect with your target audience, start by gathering relevant information from your lead generation/CRM such as seniority, industry, recent job changes and job openings to personalize the content and make it highly re... Read More

The Usefulness of Personalised Sales Videos

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While email communication has been around for decades now, the competition for attention has never been so fierce. Businesses struggle to stand out due to the overwhelming number of emails received by individuals. Most emails are quickly glanced at and then deleted or forgott... Read More