How to create an impactful Video Sales Script ?

oubound video sales script

Crafting an effective script is the foundation of a successful sales video. To connect with your target audience, start by gathering relevant information from your lead generation/CRM such as seniority, industry, recent job changes and job openings to personalize the content and make it highly relevant to your viewers.

Once armed with this valuable information, you can align it with the solutions your product offers. This approach creates a clear and compelling picture of how your product can benefit your audience. By showcasing how your product addresses their specific pain points, you'll capture their attention and increase engagement with your video.

Video Sales Script - Outbound

To format your ideas in a clear and engaging way, you can use the framework below as a base to your pitch:

1. Introduction

Capturing your viewers' attention within the first few seconds is crucial. Avoid wasting precious time with a lengthy introduction like, "I'm {{firstName}} from {{companyName}}." By doing so, you've already used 7 valuable seconds without providing any value to your audience.

Instead, make an instant connection by addressing them with their first name, and dive straight into the reason for reaching out.

Hi {{firstName}},

2. Observation

From the very beginning, your viewers should immediately grasp the purpose of your outreach. This will set the tone for the entire video and captures their attention effectively. Avoid using generic statements like "I came across your LinkedIn" or "I saw your website." Instead, show that you've genuinely done your homework. Highlight specific observations related to recent company activities, services that they offer or any other relevant information that demonstrates your understanding of their unique situation.

I saw that {{companyName}} is hiring real estate agents in the UK

3. Pain

The pain point you identify should be demonstrating two things: your deep understanding of their industry or daily job and your expertise in addressing the issues they might be facing.

Be careful not to mention a pain point that they are not experiencing or that is too specific to ensure that your message remains relevant and relatable to a broader range of prospects.

As the leader of the sales department, it can be challenging to gather relevant insights from all the data collected while managing your team on a daily basis

4. Solution teaser

Once again, do not turn this into a demo! Instead, address the pain you mentioned and explain in clear terms how your product helps your users overcome it. Ideally, focus on only one feature to keep your message as clear as possible. The purpose is not to overwhelm them with a long list of impressive features, but rather to trigger enough interest that are eager to learn more.

Our current clients at {{myawesomeCompany}} are using our APIs to easily gather all their data sources in one single dashboard and train their AI assistant to highlight the most relevant trends in their funnel. With our solution, our current users are saving countless hours per week

5. Call to action

Are you more inclined towards a soft or hard call to action? Both work great depending on your use case.

If you are not speaking directly to a decision maker, you can adapt your call to action accordingly to empower them to become your sales champion within the organization and forward your email to the right person.

Soft: “Would you like me to send you some more information?

Hard: ” If you think that’s relevant to you, my meeting link is right below

Non decision maker twist: “I know you might not be decision maker here but I wanted to have this chat with you as you are the person directly facing this issue

By following this simple and effective 5-step guide, creating impactful sales videos becomes a breeze for all types of use cases. With this framework, you can make sure your message brings maximum value to your prospects while keeping your videos easy to record.